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who we are
who we

Forever in my Art was established by Dani Davis, a highly experienced and practiced portrait artist, who developed her own process for creating portraits from cremation ashes, in a completely respectful and dignified way. She is very passionate about memorial portrait art and will work with you to ensure that your picture is exactly what you want for your loved one.  

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what we

Forever in my Art is dedicated to producing beautiful and high quality memorials in the form of portraits. Cremation art is a wonderful and dignified way to pay tribute to your loved one. As people search for the best way to keep their loved ones close, cremation solutions like jewellery have gained a lot of popularity over the past several years, but cremation art is still almost unheard of, in fact there are only a few artists worldwide that create art with ashes. Dani has developed a simple yet effective solution that captures the image of your loved one in a portrait of them, incorporating a small amount of their ashes into the piece, by infusing them and blending and layering the ashes with graphite, charcoal and other specialist mediums and sealing them in to preserve them and turning ashes into art. The result is a beautiful visual remembrance, that you can treasure forever, it is a wonderful way to protect and keep a part of their ashes with you in a way that celebrates their life, captures their spirit and personality, and is as beautiful and unique as they were. 

for you

Forever in my Art is dedicated to providing ashes portraits that are completely unique, bespoke keepsakes. Every picture is individual and is designed and created to your personal preference, ensuring that your loved one is captured not just in the picture itself but also in the design, the execution, even the frame, so that your loved one really embodies the artwork. Dani is extremely experienced and passionate about portrait art, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality piece of artwork. Any kind of cremation solution is a difficult purchase and one that none of us really want to make, so when it comes to choosing your picture you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions, and was are here to answer them. Everyone’s experience of losing a loved one is different and so it is understandable that every order will be too, this is a deeply personal experience and purchase for you, and we want to ensure it is as easy for you as possible, knowing that we are here to support you every step of the way.

We Like You

We will contact you the moment your loved ones ashes arrive with us and because we understand how unsettling it can be to entrust a part of your loved ones ashes to someone else, we will keep you updated at every stage of the order process. While in our care you can rest assured that your loved ones ashes will be treated with the utmost care and respect, we will treat them as we would our own loved ones. And to give you extra peace of mind, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity with your picture, this is our guarantee that your loved ones ashes have been infused into your memorial portrait. 

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Forever in my Art is committed to only using products and packaging materials that are eco friendly, cruelty free and are ethically sourced, we only buy from companies and manufacturers that adhere to our code of conduct and our brand beliefs. 

how we are
giving back

Forever in my Art care about giving back, to charities and local communities that need it, so for every order received we donate a minimum of 5% to the charities that are closest to our hearts. We have several charities that we donate to regularly, these are listed on our giving back page, but if you have a specific charity that you would like us to donate to on behalf of your loved one, please let us know. 

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